One week in France

I was in France from 2nd April to 10th. I think that the last day doesn’t count because it was the return to Spain.
I had a wonderful time in France. I was in Paris and I saw a lot of monuments (like the “Tour-Eiffel”, the “Arc de Trionphe”, …), cathedrals ( “Notre Dame”, ”Le Sacre Coeur”) and buildings (like the “Centre Pompidou”).
Then, when I went to Brest, the town of our exchange, I enjoyed a lot with my “family” because they were giving me presents during my stay (I mean, they took me to monuments and places of interest in the city, Oceanopolis or important towns) and it helped me then to know more things in the Brest’s gymkana.
It was one of the best experience of my life and I will be happy if I could repeat it someday, because I met new people and learnt a lot of things.


In the cities the main difference for me was that the streets were very clean, this made a big impression on me because everything was clean and here in Spain the cities are… ok… a shit compared to France (but I don’t know all cities in Spain, and I don’t know all cities in France).
I also want say that everything is more expensive than in Spain.

My favourite book

My favourite book is Ghostgirl. It was written in 2008 by Tonya Hurley. It's story is about ghosts, and it is make for teenagers.

external image Ghostgirl_bookcover.jpg

I'ts about a girl (Charlotte Usher), who was tired of feel like she's invisible for the people, and she decided star her last year in the highschool a little bit changed; but it hadn't got result...
She was in love with Damen, but he was Petula's boyfriend. When class finished, Damen was speaking with Charlotte about he needed lessons of physics and chemistry, it is great, Charlotte would stay with him. When the first day of highschool finished, all people left the room less she. Because she was dying with a gummy bear in her throat.
After she died, she discovered a lot of things... But before she want left the school, she needed to finish her studies with other teenagers!
The characters are:
· Charlotte Usher: the protagonist.
· Scarlet Kensington: the girl who can see ghosts.
· Petula Kensington: Scarlet's sister, she is the b of the highschool.
· Damen: the boy who all girls dream with him.
· And other characters who aren't very importants.

I love this book because it transmit me a lot of senses. It's amazing, you can laugh and cry. It's awesome!
I read tihs book three times because each time I read it, I feel soog and it likes me more!