(I didn't go)
They began the trip from Malaga. They said to me that the fly arrived 20 minutes before at the airport of Paris, at 9:10. Some of them slept while there were turbulence. I asked Laura and Blas if they had had some problems and Laura told me that when they arrived she had a problem with her suitcase because the wheels were broken. They went to the hotel on foot and by underground from the airport. In the underground there were some people and thieves, too, they had to take care of their bags. I asked if the transport in Paris had been better than in Spain, the answered that the transport in Paris had been very good because there are a lot of people and it is a very big city, so they need to have perfect transport. They visited many famous places in this important place, in Paris; although there were some drunk people.
In Brest there were buses each 5 minutes but the buses weren't go around the city. I was interested in their favourite activity and they told me it had been eating crepes. They were 5 days with his correspondents. Blas told me he had been with two families, the first family was very quiet but in the second family, the father was speaking with Blas and the little brother of his correspondent was speaking Spanish very well with Blas too. Laura said she had lived with the father and the brother of his correspondent, she had horses, Laura only saw the mother one day.
I asked about the food, too, and they didn't like it, it had no got salt and was funny. Laura and Blas spent 150€ approximately. I asked if they had learned more and the told me that they think they had learned a bit more of French.