My favourite book is called Frankenstein. It was written by Mary Shelly in 1818.
It is a drama, adventure and fiction book.
People who love stories where you don't know when something is going to happen and discover different places have to read this fantastic book.
This book has lot of characters and different narrators, and it is written in complex form, so if you want to read it you must pay lot of attention to it. Victor Frankenstein is a boy obsessed about life, Frankenstein is the monster that Victor created, Henry Clerval, the best friend of Victor, Victor's brother, Victor's girlfriends, the people that live in the house where Frankenstein learn to speak, read... and the captain of the boat.
The plot of the history: Victorrankenstein is a boy obsessed about life so he wanted to create life like God does, so he wanted to be a God. His experiment became bad because he created a monster not a human so he desert Frankenstein. Then Frankenstein discovered new experiences and he passed about 2 years hidden in a house where he learnt to read, write.... and all things but when he presented to the family desert him and Frankenstein became bad so he wanted to take revenge of Victor, so he killed his girlfriend... At the end, Frankenstein wanted to kill Victor on a boat but finally he didn't do it.
This book is fantastic so I recommend you to read it!!!!



It was the night of the 2nd April 2014, we were waiting for the bus that would carry us to Malaga’s airport. When it arrived , we were very excited, because we were going to go to France.
During the bus trip, most of the people were sleeping while other were listening to music or speaking with their partner.
At 5:00 a.m, we arrived to the airport, we took our suitcase and all the things. Later, we checked in. We ate in the airport, because at 7:00 , it was the hour of our fly. But first, we had to pass the police’s control. Our handbags were checked with x rays and we had to pass through different controls. Some of the people were frisked.
It was the time to board, so we entered in the plane. There, we sat in our seats, mine had a window and I could see all: the wing of the plane… For lot of people it was the first time flying in a plane, for me too. I wasn’t very scared. The take off was fantastic !
We were flying for 2 hours, I played cards… Then, we arrived to one of Pari’s airport, París CDC. It was a big airport with lot of traffic and big planes. Then, each one took his suitcase, afortunately nobody lost the bags.
After, we took the tram to go to the hotel. We walked for 2 km, going up stairs… with our big suitcases, it made us very tired. When we arrived to the hotel, our bedrooms weren’t prepared, so we had to leave our suitcases in the dining room. Then some of us bought different things in a supermarket that was near the hotel, and again we took the tram. We went to Notre Dame, the fantastic Cathedral, and we entered and saw the fantastic architecture, the stained glass windows…
At 13:30 we had lunch in a park near the cathedral. Then we walked throug the Senna, and we could see the Louvre Museum, with its fantastic pyramids. After, that we took the “Bateau Mouche”, it was a ship that navegate in the Senna and showed us lot of things of Paris, the Eiffel Tower…
The “Champ Elysés” is a big street, very long that finishes in th arc of the triumph. There, we went upstairs and we could see Paris from there.

The next day, we got up at 8 o’clock, because we were going to visit the “Sacre-coeur”. This was a church were it was drawn the sacred heart, a god. This,, was fantastic too. During these trip, we saw the “Moulin Rouge” and “ Galleries La Fayette”, this was incredible. It was 13:30, so we had lunch near Museum Pompidu, and there there were lot of thieves that tried to stole us, but they couldn’t do it.
This afternoon, we visit the fantastic Eiffel Tower. We had to wait in a long queue, but we ascended to the top of the tower. There we could see all Paris, the Senna, Notre Dame…. At nigth we saw the Tower with all its lights, and this was very beautiful and the farewell because it was the last day in Paris.

Friday, at 8:00 we took a bus in the hotel that was waiting us in the hotel, to take us to Brest.
During the voyage all of us were sleeping. At, 13 p.m we arrived to “Mont Saint-Michel”, a medieval town that is sourrended of water, but when we saw it the tide was down so, we only saw the ground.
it has lot of walls, and lot of high streets. We had lunch there and after that we took a bus again, in that moment to arrive to Brest.
We arrived to the high school at 20:00, and all the families were waiting there. I took my suitcase and put in into my corresponding porter. Then I arrived to the house, I tyded my things and had a shower. I ate pasta and then we went to Brest City with other boys and Samuel and his corresponding. We were very tired because the trip and went to bed early.
The next day I ate in the city and in the afternoon it was the party. That party was very bad, because there were only sweet food, I din’t like it. On Saturday, I went to the beach, and I played football and voleyball with other French students and Spanish too. That night, I took my suitcase again, because I had to move of house, to the house of my other correspondent.
There I tidy my bedroom again and I had dinner.

The next day we did a Gymkhana, it was raining and it was very difficult. It was good. In the high school, we had dinner, and we had lunch too. The food wasn’t very good, because the don’t put salt in the food.
We visited different things, Carnac, a town where we could see menhirs…
We went to Gravini’s island too.
The last day we visited some medievals towns: Kemper, Carconeau…

These day, at 23:30 we left Brest, most of the people were crying, because probably we won’t see then ever again.
We arrived to París CDC and we took a plane to Malaga. At 18 p.m. we arrived in Otura, all of us were very happy because we saw again our families and because we did a fantastic trip, we had fun, we smiled, we cried…
We want to do another trip.