This change of family was one of the best things of my life. The frist day in Paris was very tiring because we walked a lot and we didn`t sleep. The second day in Paris we were also tired and in the hotel we didn`t sleep a lot because we were all night talking on the phone and going to other people's room. In this two days inParis we saw a lot of things like: Notredame, the Tower Eiffel, the Lubre Museum, the Triunfo`s Arc, the Moulin Rouge... The third day we went to Brest by bus and we visited the Mont Saint-Michel and later we went to our correspondants. The weekend with Chloé was lot of fun because we went to a lot of beaches and we played a lot, then, on Sunday I changed house and I moved to the house of Camille, my other correspondant. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday was lot of fun because Camille and I were always together and she is very nice. The final day (Thursday) was very sad because we returned to Otura, we cried a lot, and the corresponsals too. Then, we returned to Otura by bus and by plane, and here we are :(

The mortal instrumentAt pandemoniun, the trendiest nightclub in New York, Clary follows a sexy boy with blue hair until she witnesses his death at hands of three Young boys with a lot of tattoos. Sincé that night, her fate joins those three shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to free the land of demons and she was in love with Jace, a guy thata looks like angel and that had tendency to act like an idiot. This book is by cassandra clare.It has two protagonistes: Clary and Jace. I love this book because is about fantasy and love <3

external image placeholder?w=NaN&h=NaN Angelic rune = A tattou that Jac