We went to France on 2 April. We took the bus at three in the early morning to go to Malaga to take the plane to go to Paris. We arrived in Malaga at four o'clock. We were waiting for two hours to take the plane. Before this, we were aeting, talking and walking. The plane took off from Malaga at six . During the fly, there were a lot of turbulences. We arrived in Paris at half past nine. We took the bags and we went to the hotel, where we put the bags, Then, we took again the underground to go to the centre of Paris. We went to the townhall of Paris and to Notre-Dame, where somepeople ate. Then, we went to the Arch of the Victory. While we were going to this place we saw the Louvre museum, the neighborhood that was the richest and the Champs Elysées. We did too a bateau mouche, that is a boat travel in the Sena river, where we could see a lot of places, like the Eiffel tower. Then we took the underground to come back to the hotel. On 3 April, we got up very early to have breakfast. Then we took the underground to go to the Sacred Heart, that is a cathedral. Then we were walking a lot to go to the Pompidou museum to eat. Before it, we were in the Moulin Rouge, the galleries La Fayette and the opera. We were walking a lot of time. Before eating, we walked again to go to the big Eiffel tower. Because we have to pay 13€, somepeople went the tower, and other people stayed down. Before that, we all went to the Trocadero. At the end, we went to the hotel.


This is the book

My favourite book is called "The clover of two leaves". It was written in 2008 by Vicente Andreu Navarro. It's an adventure book that mixes parts of sports and history. The main character is called Sergi. He's a young men that is playing in Celtic of Glasgow. At the same time, his girlfriend called Isabel and his best friend called Pablo go to study to Scotland. They go to Scotland to resolve a mystery about an important chalice that was lost a lot of years ago. During Sergi plays football, Isabel and Pablo advance in the mystery and at the end they found the chalice with the help of Sergi and they resolve the mystery. The book doesn't say when happened, but I think that happened about 2006 and happende in Scotland. The point for the book is an eight. I think that the book is very interesting, but there are some parts very bored. I read it at the end of september. Read it !!!!