My favorite boock is "El bosque de los lobos",it was written in 2006 by Laura Gallego,is a boock of aventure,fantasy and mystery,The first character of the hero is that is a apprentice magician,she is inteligent,beautiful,and lonely because of children,nobody want play with her.This history happen long ago,this gerl left in a farm with hers stepsisters,She always was alone because hers stepsisters dindn't want to play with her.One day,she found a ghost,he was funny and sympathetic,they became in big friends.Some days more late,a men came to the farm and he brought the gerl.He learnt to she magic, and she tranform in a magician.Some years later,hes teacher told to her that he want dominate the world and she and his friend the ghost tried to helpt a the people and defeat a her teacher.They got helpt the world but the ghost returned to other world where was more ghost.
Is a boock that i like enough, is very beautiful and i love this historys.I read this boock dis two years,but still like me.


I asked Blas how log has during the fly and he said me that the fly was during two hours, but when they go to París they arrive 20 minutes before and told me that they arrived at 9:10. and in the fly they were sleeping a lot of trip, but there was turbolences.I asked Laura that what was her favourite activitie ans she asked me that her favourite activitie were when they eat creps, it was very good.
They told me taht the transport in Parías was better than Otura because had a good transport,are more things,like undergroud,and metro,where the persons did performases bery well!and in Brest,the transport bring you in three minutes for a lot of Brest, if you lose a bus, you honly had to wait five minutes and you have a card or a ticket for pay.I asked they if they had liked the food most than España food and they told me that the food is more bad because don't have salt and is more extrange.
They told me that they spent about 140$ or 150$ , they had to pay their food and everithing was very expensive.
I asked Laura about her first day in Parisand Laura told me that she broke the rolls of her suitcase and had to bring her suitcase in her arms, later y asked Blas and he said that the first night, he went to a bring, where he found a drunks that said: "Españoles aú aú".
They told me that they was five days with their correspondance.Blas was with two families,the first family was very quiet and the father os his correspondance didn't be.His second family was better , his other correspondance was two brothers and one sister that spoke very well espanish. In hause of Laura correspondance,her father was very simpatetic,and her correspondance had a brothe,she only met with the mum of her correspondance one day.
They said too that the teachers was more serious that here and the persons of the train was disgusted of see their.