We went to France last 2nd of April. We were very nervous at first, but when we were at France we had a very good time we enjoyed it a lot!
The first day, we arrived in Paris and we went to the hotel, then we started to walk and we walked around all Paris! We saw the "Champs Elisées", the Eiffel tower, the Arch of Triumph... Etc. We had an amazing tour around the Senne, the river that crosses the city.
We stayed there for two days, then, we went to Brest.
When we arrived everyone was waiting for us, we met our partners and we went to lots of places like Carnac, Plouzané, Concarneau... Etc.
The party was in Plouzané.
In conclusión, it was one of the best experiences ever in my life, I won't forget itnfor the rest of my life and I'd like to repeat it.
I've forget that one day we went to school with them, it was very big, there were lots of teachers and lots of students too!!



My favourite book is called "The Hunger Games", it was written by Suzanne Collins in 2008. It is very interesting and I like it so much!

It's an adventure novel. It's very famous and it have has lots of sales.

It's about: The Earth is divided in 12 districts, and one girl and one boy are selected randomly from each district to participate and to fight in the Hunger Games. The main character is called "Katniss Everdeen", and she is from the district 12, the poorest. (The richest district is the number 1, they are ordered from the richest to the poorest; from one to twelve). The boy from the district 12 who is called "Peeta Mellark" become her boyfriend.

I like this book to much, but it's curious that it's my favourite book. Because my favourite type of books are mangas.

I'd recommend this book to everyone because I find it very good.

There are actually 3 books of this series.

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