My favourite book is "The mortal instruments. City of bones". It was written in 2007 for Cassandra Clare. This is a fiction book. In the story appear many character: Clary Fray, Jace Wayland, Alec Lightwood, Isabelle Lightwood, Magnus Bane, Jocelyn Fray, Valentine, Hodge, Simon, Luke... But the main character is Clary Fray. My favourite character is Jace because he is a character very interesting.
The story is happen in the present, in the United States. The story be about Clary, a girl that think that she is a human, but her mother, Jocelyn, was a shadowhunter and Clary too. Jocelyn didn't want to Clary know the secret about the shadowhunters, because she wanted protect her, and a wizard, Magnus Bane, blockaded Clary's mind so she will forget the world of shadow. One day Clary met two boys, Jace and Alec, and a girl, Isabelle, they were shadowhunters and they showed Clary their world. The mother of Clary was kidnaped by Valentine, a shadowhunter, but he was very evil and he wanted to kill all the subterranean (vampire, werewolves, fairies, wizards) because the shadowhunter killed demons and the subterranean were half human and half demon. Clary and her friends shadowhunters tried to rescue Jocelyn and to find the Mortal Cup that was a danger weapon, who Valentine needed from their evil plans.
This book is very interesting, nice and funny. It has got a lot of action, romance and fantasy. I started to read the book four weeks ago. It's a long book, about five hundreds pages, but I really liked the book and I couldn't stop to read. This book is the first of a long colection of books.


We went out at 3:30 am in bus to Málaga, we stayed in the bus two hours until we arrived to the aereoport of Málaga. The plane went out at 6:50, we had to wait a long time for take the plane. When we entered in the plane I fell sleep when I got up we arrived to Paris. After the long trip, we went to the hotel and the recepcionist told us that the rooms weren't ready and we had to go out. We visited the Notre Dame cathedarl and at the afternoon we did a tour with the "bateau-mouche".


On Thursday we stayed all the day in Paris to see all the most impornant monuments (the Eiffel tower, the sacred heart, the pompidu, etc.) We came back to the hotel very late and the next day we had to be at 8:00 am in the bus, for visit the Mont Saint-Michel et arrive at 8:00 pm to Brest. The trip was long and tired but we arrived to Brest and we could go with our french. At the weekend I stayed with my french, Melissa. We went with their friends to shopping, skate in ice or see the Brest's beach.

On Monday the spanish studient had a little breakfast at the high school, later we maked a gymkana in the center of Brest, the weather wasn't good. We retourned to the high school for lunch and we was to the class of the school.

The next day we visited Carnac and Cairn de Gavrinis, at the afternoon we ate crêpes with all the french student. We danced tradicinals dances of Bretagne. The last day at Brest we went to two towns very beatiful, Pointe du Penhir and Cancaneu. After at 11:30 pm we went out to Brest, the farewell was sad, everybody were crying.

We arrived to the aereoport of Paris and we took the plane at 1:20 pm and we arrived to Spain at 3:55 pm. When we went to Otura all our families where there, waiting us.