My trip to France

My journey to France has been amazing and I have always been happy. This was the first time that I flew in a aeroplane and I liked this. However, in the journey Malaga-Paris, there were a lot of clouds and the aeroplane moved a lot. In Paris, I saw a lot of monuments and my favourite are the Eiffel Tower and the Monmartre neigbourhood. It was beautiful. But, we also saw more monuments like the Notredame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum and famous building of Paris. I also liked "le bateau moche" where we could watch the monumments around the Senna river. In Paris, we had to walk a lot but, I think it was one of my favourite experiences in my life.

When we went to Brest, we visited "Le Mont Saint-Michel", a monument where we can watch a monastery and the village around it, in an island. It was very beautiful and the tide of the sea was low, and we could see a land of sand next to the island.

At 8.00 pm, on Friday, we arrived in Brest, and I went to Urvan's house. In Brest, we did a lot of things. We took part in a game in Brest, where we could visit its most beautiful places, I could visit an aquarium in Brest, some monuments of the Second World War, etc. On Monday morning, we went to some classes at the college. I was in classes of History, Maths and English. I learned the history and the characteristics of the North Pole in History, vectors very difficult in Maths and we talked about the differences between men and women at job, at home... in English. I think that in France, in general, the teachers are more prepared than in Spain, because they use better the instruments like the computers or the electronic blackboards, and in Spain, just some of them use it, and this characteristics, do that French's classes are less boring. I wanted to live with my two French mates, and I moved Sunday afternoon to Alban's house. I will never forget this journey, it has been one of the best experience in my life, and the farewell was very hard for me.

My Favourite Book

It's called "El Juego Misterioso" in Spanish. In Japan, it's called "Fushigi Yûgi". It's a series of comics and it's one of my favourite books. It has been writen and published between 1992 and 1996 by Yu Watase. It's a fiction and romantic story. In Japan, the people put names to many craracteristics of comics, and the people say that this is a "Shoujo" and "Harem" comic. Also, it has got his adaptation to TV.

Miaka Yuki and Yui are the starrings. They was students and, one day, in the library of the town, the opened a book called "El universo de los cuatro dioses" and this book absorted them.

In the book, the two girls fell in love of a boy called Tamahome and the two friends brawl. Miaka and Yui were needing to leave the book and Miaka tried to invoke a god, called Suzaku. Miaka and Yui stopped being friends and Yui tried to invoke other god called Seiryu. At the end, Yui understood the lover between Miaka and Tamahome and these three people got go out of the book.

It's one of my favourite books because I couldn't stop to read and I like the feelings of the heroes of this sotry because, at the begining, Miaka was a normal girl, a student, a bit clumsy but at the end, she has become in a brave and fighter girl.

This is a image of the manga