Welcome to our New Wiki - Year 2013-14 - Group 4º A

it will be a complementary tool to practise communicative skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking, as well as doing some focus on form activities throughout the school year.
3rd TERM
18. Grammar: Modal verbs

19. Speaking: Sharing the experience in France

20. Song: We go Together

21. Listening: watch the video and answer the questions about Williard Wigan

22. Test

23. One, Two, Three a film by Billy Wilder

24. Passive voice

25. Vocabulary- 3rd term

26. Final witten test contents

2nd TERM

10. Speaking activity: preparing a presentation about a romantic writer of your choice. Or a musician of your choice (diver).

11. Listening and Speaking: Watch the video about Bethany Hamilton, answer the questions and discuss in groups.

12. Reading and Listening: Read and translate some of the quotations of Nelson Mandela. Sing the song. Watch the video and the film.

13. Reading: Thirty nine steps

14. Vocabulary: 2nd term, house, clothes, styles

15. Listening: list of songs we have worked in this term

16 Grammar: Defining and non-defining relative clauses

17. Tests: 2nd term test


1. Writing about My Country

2. Reading activity: you have to solve a Mystery: the murder of a millionaire

3. What happened to Greg? Write the end for the story in the book.

4. Write about your favourite book. You should do this individually.

5. Revise irregular verbs: spelling, meaning and pronunciation (listening).

6. Reading and Listening activity with the help of Ellie about the book 1984.

7. Grammar revision of Reported Speech.

8. Listening and Reading activity about romantic literature.

9. Listening, reading activity about Jane Austen, also with Ellie.