Exchange with France

On the exchange with French students we visited the country for 10 days. First we were in a hotel in Paris. We were visiting the monuments os Paris two days but most of the time we were in the tube and it was a little bit boring. We visited "Notre Dame", the Council, the most famous steer, the river, the Tower Eiffel...


We were sailing in the Sena, for an hour. There was a guide who told us the story of those places.


On Friday we took the bus and took us to Brest, where our families were waiting for us. But before it, we visited "Mont Saint-Michel" that is a wonderful place.
When we were in Brest we were most of the time with the family so you must practice your French. It was difficult, but an interesting and unbeatable experience.
We visited a lot of places and we ate a lot: crepes, flame, pasta... All were delicious.
My family was very friendly and they treated me very well.
I'm very happy with this event and I didn't want to come back to my house. I hope to see them again.


My favourite book (Eva Jiménez Mariscal)

My favourite book is "El trébol de cuatro hojas".
It's written by Vicente Andreu Navarro and it mixes a romance with football.
It tell the life of a player of the Celtic that traveled to Escocia to play with this team. But took a year more or less, he was visited by his friens that were going to work in an investigation and they had been for a year there. During this time, two of them were together and the other friens was in love with the girl, so the guys must keep their relationship in secret. At the end of the story, they realized that their lives are controled for an old event.
The main characters of this book are Sergi, a beautiful and tall adolescent; his father, an old and modern History's teacher of the University; Isabel, is cute an the secret girlfriend of Sergi; and Pablo, very intelligent and he's the Sergi's friend.
The other characters of the story are Sergi's mum, granny and sister, and the players of his team.
I read it in this summer for the school, however at the end I liked it a lot.
I think that this book is very interesting and you can learn a lot with it.
I recommend it you!